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About Us

Ken & Cathy

Welcome to our Campfire Journeys!

We’re Ken & Cathy and our journeys together began many moons ago. We meet in Roger Ludlow High School in Fairfield CT, though it took me several years to convince Cathy to even go on a date with me. We married in 1983 and started a family without delay. We have four children on terra firma & two waiting for us in heaven and currently have three grandchildren.
Ken has been tent camping since he was young and enjoys fishing, shooting, skiing, hikin' and being out in nature and away from the hustle and bustle of city zombies!
We have tented or rustic cabined a few times when our kids were young, then “life” got in the way!

Our Plans

DRV Elite Suites 38RSSB3

The past several years we reestablished our passion for the great outdoors and began tentin’ & hikin’ as a couple up & down the East Coast from the Ocean Dunes of Frisco NC to the tallest Mountains of New England.
We are now ready to expand our Campfire Journeys West to the Rockies & North through Canada to Alaska. To accomplish this style of travel, we realized we wanted more than a tent. We plan to sell all our weights and buy the elusive “perfect RV”. For us it will likely be a gently used high end 32 – 38’ 5th wheel pulled by a dually Cummins....... WAIT... (record scratching noise.....) After going to the 2019 Hershey RV Show we are now looking into getting a Super C on a Freightliner chassis!!!!! Why you ask!!! Find out all the details in our upcoming blog!!!!!

We will be headin’ out on God’s timing with Two Bits & a Prayer!!

Getting Ready

We have so many things to do before we sell our house and start our Campfire Journeys Full Time in a RV!!

Firstly is setting loose to 36 years of "stuff" we collected since we got hitched. There isn't much storage in a RV so we'll be making our life simpler by unloading most of the extra "stuff"!!

Downsizing Complete


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Affiliates & Partners

Here is a way you can help us without spending a dime extra.
By using one of the links below you'll be able to buy the things you already purchase while we get a small credit. We can then use that to enjoy an extra glass of wine or to enable us to travel to even more amazing places to share with you here!
Come back to see this list grow!!

Our Friends

Just a few of many fellow Journeyers we call friends!! Consider followin' them for some great insites about RVing and their many adventures/Journeys on Instagram, YouTube, etc!